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   Wuxi Haichang Machinery Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing drying,crystallizing and granulating &tableting equipment for such industries as pharmacy,food,chemical engineering and and biochemistry.It is founded in 2001.


Vacuum belt continuous dryer for liquid

Belt liquid dryer solves a major problemfor the high concentration of alcohol, high viscosity of Chinese medicine extract .In the past using centrifu...

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Vacuum belt continuous dryer for powder

Vacuum Belt Continuous Dryer For Powder is a kind of high efficiency conducting type continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and working pri...

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Spherical Dryer

The spherical dryer is a highly automated and precise piece of drying equipment that makes use of a heat input and an agitator to perform efficient mi...

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Closed vacuum evaporation module for solvent

As we all know, the evaporation, distillation and concentrating devices of the solvent in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biological extraction indus...

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Stevia Sugar Introduce

Before entering the spray drying section, the concentration of the stevia concentrated solution must reach 45%, which means the solid substance conten...

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