As we all know, the chemical industry now involves corrosive solvents,which will involve the corrosion protection of equipment. Conventional reactors are made of enamel or special materials, but they are short-lived in some special processes or in cost-constrained situations. In 2003, our company combined with foreign advanced technology, developed and tightly lined with PTFE technology, which made up for the short board and was well received by users at home and abroad.


The tight lining is a tight bond between the PTFE plate and the steel body, there is no gap or air between them. The PTFE plate and the steel body form a complete whole. The pressure of the liquid in the tank is completely transmitted to the steel shell. When the internal pressure and liquid level change, the PTFE plate lining above will not be deformed and fluctuated at all, and the PTFE plate will not be compressed and stretched, thus ensuring the long-term stability and reliability of the PTFE plated. The lining PTFE plate is tightly combined with the steel shell. The PTFE plate has a strong bonding force with the steel shell (bonding force ≥ 5N/mm), which effectively limits the shrinkage and expansion caused by temperature changes. The expansion coefficient of the material is different, which ensures that the PTFE plate of the lining does not start to bulge under the temperature change state, and the integrity of the PTFE lining is effectively guaranteed. The strong bonding between the two will not cause the deformation of the lining plate due to the temperature change and the shrinkage and stretching of the lining plate when the liquid level pressure changes, thus ensuring that the weld is not subjected to compression and stretching, welding The seam is also protected so that the weld seam is not broken and the liner layer is broken, ensuring that the lining equipment can operate reliably and stably for up to 120 °C.

Main feature

1. Strong corrosion resistance, can be used for strong acid and alkali and other harsh conditions.

2. Its non-stick properties can react viscous or contain solid liquids.

3. Manufacturing costs are much lower than those of the same size glass-lined reactor.

4. If local damage occurs, secondary repair can be performed.


Tank, agitation, filter, heat exchanger, pipe, coil, grid tray.



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