As we all know, the evaporation, distillation and concentrating devices of the solvent in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biological extraction industries are all energy-intensive, and the energy consumption accounts for a large proportion of the operating costs of these devices. Therefore, the reduction and optimization of the unit energy consumption reduces the entire The operating cost is critical; while the existing MVR multi-effect evaporation unit has a reduced energy consumption, for the recovery of organic solvents, due to the contact between the flammable and explosive gaseous solvent and the high-speed compressor impeller, Therefore, there are safety hazards, and installation and maintenance are troublesome, and the floor space is large and the operation is not convenient. In response to these conditions, our company has developed this safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly closed vacuum solvent evaporation module.


Structure and Work Flow

As shown in the figure, the closed vacuum solvent evaporation module consists of a compressor, a heater, a condenser, an evaporation chamber and other accessories. The components are connected by pipes, and the compressor is used to drive the heat exchange medium to release and absorb during the closed circuit. The energy required for the liquid evaporation and gaseous condensation of the solvent, that is, the energy released by the high temperature and high pressure heat transfer medium during condensation as the energy required to evaporate in the liquid solvent, the solvent is evaporated into a gaseous state, and then condensed into a liquid state. The energy released at the time is used as the energy absorbed by the low-temperature low-pressure heat exchange medium during heating. The system continuously performs thermal circulation through heat absorption and heat release of the heat transfer medium to realize evaporation and concentration of the liquid solvent and condensation recovery of the evaporated gaseous solvent.


In the whole closed circuit process, the heat transfer medium and materials in the system realize the mutual utilization of energy through phase transformation, forming a closed Carnot cycle system. The whole process only needs to provide a compressor to compress the low temperature and low pressure heat exchange medium. The part of energy required for high temperature and high pressure.

Main feature

1. The equipment meets the requirements of environmental protection. In addition to a small amount of industrial steam preheating (also can be replaced by a power supply), all the operating processes use clean electric energy without any pollution.

2. The equipment has high degree of automation. The unit adopts industrial computer, PLC control system and frequency conversion technology. Through software programming, the status signals of various sensors are collected in real time, and the operating parameters of each component are automatically adjusted to make the system work dynamically balanced. At the same time, the system also has the function of automatic alarm, automatic recording of parameters and providing reports, which can realize unattended automatic operation.

3. The equipment adopts low temperature heat source and negative pressure evaporation, which is especially suitable for evaporation and concentration of heat sensitive materials.

4. Compared with the traditional evaporation and concentration equipment, the model has high thermal efficiency and the solvent recovery rate can reach over 99%.

5. The operating cost advantage of the equipment is very significant. The device uses electric energy to replace the steam used in traditional evaporation. The table below compares the operating costs of a single-effect evaporator with the unit under normal operating conditions.

Project1000g/h   Single Effect Evaporator 1000g/h    Modular Solvent Evaporation System
Aqueous SolutionAlcohol SolutionAqueous SolutionAlcohol Solution
 Consumption of  Steam ( kg/h )1100600-70025 (running )25  ( running)
 Consumption of  Cooling Water ( t/h )40~5060-701515
Total    Energy/Kw•h1197545
Operating    Cost/(Yuan/t )4303309065
1Day ( 8h ) Operating Cost/yuan34402640720520
1Year(250)Operating    cost/Ten thousand Yuan86661813

6. The equipment is safe to operate. The compressor in the device compresses not the gaseous solvent, but the heat exchange medium that exchanges heat with the material, completely avoiding safety hazards.

7. The equipment adopts integrated design, compact structure and small floor space; the whole machine has been debugged before leaving the factory, and can be operated after being transported to the Party A factory for water, electricity and gas.

Range of application

The equipment is mainly used for evaporation, distillation, concentration and recovery of organic solvents in the chemical, pharmaceutical or biological extraction industries. Under the premise of ensuring safety and environmental protection, the recycling cost is greatly reduced, which has great benefits for enterprises.

ModelEthanol    evaporation Capacity(L/h)Total Power (Kw)Practical  Power(Kw/h)Evaporation    temperature (℃)Vacuum  Degree(MPa)Dimension(mm)Weight(T)

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