The flat filter-washer-dryer is a multi-functional equipment which can complete various processes such as stirring, reaction, filtration, washing, deliquoring and drying in a reaction vessel, which has advantages of simplifying the process,improving the production efficiency, preventing material pollution, steam sterilizing, convenient material replacement and mechatronics. At the same time, the clean plant area of the whole product production process can be greatly reduced, and the basic investment cost of the customer is greatly reduced, and is particularly suitable for the production occasions with high cleanliness requirements and small batches and varieties.

Structure and operating principle

The equipment is mainly composed of casing, filter chassis,stirring paddle, discharge assembly, transmission component and automatic control part. The main body of the equipment consists of a vertical cylinder and a filter chassis. The outer part of the cylinder and the bottom of the filter chassis can be provided with jacket or semi-circular heat exchange. The cylinder can control the up and down movement of the filter chassis to facilitate equipment maintenance or replacement of filter media. Special structure S-shaped mixing paddle (can also be made into a hollow heat exchange function) is set inside the equipment, the forward and reverse rotation speed is controlled by the transmission component, and the up and down movement is controlled by the oil cylinder; the plunger type automatic discharge is arranged on the side of the device The system is controlled by the cylinder to open and close. When the equipment is used, the material is added from the top of the equipment, and the filtration is carried out by vacuum filtration or pressurization (the agitating paddle is at the position above the material). During this process, the material may be cracked and the gas is short-circuited. The reverse and lower functions smooth the material, then lift the paddle and filter again. When the material is washed, the washing liquid is added from the top, and the stirring paddle is turned on and slowly lowered to fully beat the material, and then filtered again, and the washing and filtering can be performed multiple times. If the material needs to be dried, the cylinder jacket and the stirring paddle are heated, and the top is vacuumed to dry the material. When the material is discharged, the plunger type discharging valve is opened, and the stirring paddle scrapes the material layer by layer from top to bottom and discharges the device.

Main features

1.It can complete various operations such as filtration, washing and drying in one machine. It can be used in one machine with low investment cost.

2.Sealed operation, especially suitable for handling dangerous products that are flammable, explosive,toxic or highly toxic, as well as delicious foods, biological products and medicinal crystals that are not allowed to be contaminated.

3.Special mixing structure, together with the hydraulic lifting device, enables the stirring device to fully and efficiently stir the material while saving the stirring power.

4.The filter tray is automatically lifted and lowered, so it is especially convenient to change filter media or clean device.

5.Corrosion-resistant structure is optional, compared with the use of special steel, it can ensure the function and greatly reduce the manufacturing cost.

6.Fully automated control, low labor intensity and good operating environment.

Applicable Scope

This equipment is mainly used for the solid-liquid separation of loose granular materials. It is widely used in fine chemicals, bio-chemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining, metallurgy, textile, printing and dyeing industries.

Specifications and technical parameters



Filter area(m2)0.30.511.522.534567
Motor power(Kw)It's able to selection    between 3~55kw according to different nature of materials.
Lifting distance(mm)250~500
MaterialCarbon steel, stainlesss    steel, hastelloy, etc.
Filter pumpFlow rate is 5~30m3/h, lift is higher than    30m, better to use mud pump.
OthersAccording to user    requirements, users can order equipment of various specifications from 0.1 to    8m3.

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