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 The spherical dryer is a highly automated and precise piece of drying equipment that makes use of a heat input and an agitator to perform efficient mixing and drying simultaneously. The vacuum dryer uses a spherical chamber to handle the stress caused by pressure buildup in the chamber during operation. The chamber is sealed tightly to prevent any pressure induced blowout accidents.

1. Chemical Industry
2. Pharmaceutical Industry
3. Food Industry
4. Cosmetics Industry

Work Flow
 Spherical dryer is a kind of new dryer machine which can not only dry but also granulate and mix. It is high automated and precision-machining, which can make use of heat input to carry on efficient mixing and vacuum drying.


Spherical Dryer

Working Volume

L1(mm)B1(mm)H1(mm)H2(mm)H3(mm)ɸ(mm)Empty Weight(kg)Heating Transfer Area (㎡)Agitator power(kw)

Agitator Speed

Chopper Power (kw)Chopper Speed (/min)

Compared with target-type dryer and bipyramid dryer, mixing of spherical dryer agrees with dynamics and directions in all directions, so it is symmetrical in mixing, which is more efficient.

Product Characteristics and Advantages:

1.High effective working volume, the max loading can be 80% of the spherical.
2.Maximum mixing with three-blade agitator, Mixing uniformly and no flaws.
3.Vertical chopper / lump breaker. Grinding at high speed and less lump formation.
4.Can drying, mixing and granulating simultaneously, saving production time.
5.Heating through spherical shell, the max heating area, saving production time
6.Heatable agitator, saving production time.
7.Short drying time, drying efficiency is more than 3 times that of ordinary cone drying
8.Cleaning in a flash, fast and easy cleaning (CIP / WIP and SIP).
9.Emptying completely, total product discharge without residue.
10.Reproducible drying results, computer control the whole process.
11.Containment of explosive pressure surges, computer control and Nitrogen seal.

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